Black Sea Oil & Gas Installs Gas Platform Off Romania

Romanian energy company Black Sea Oil & Gas (BSOG) has installed its Ana offshore production platform in the Black Sea.


BSOG said that the Ana platform was the first offshore platform built and installed in Romania in the past 30 years.


Following the installation of the subsea pipeline and the jacket earlier this year, the remaining topside has now been successfully installed by GSP some 75 miles offshore at the field location, in 230 feet water depth.


The Ana platform is a 3,000 tons gas production platform, consisting of a jacket which sits mainly underwater and a three-deck topside above the water. The gas coming from the Ana and Doina reservoirs are collected and measured on the platform, then delivered to the onshore gas treatment plant through a 76-mile subsea and almost three-mile onshore pipeline.


The platform holds minimum equipment and will be completely unmanned.


With all the infrastructure now installed, hook-up and commissioning will take place next, ahead of the expected drilling campaign in November this year.


BSOG also said that the overall completion for its Midia Gas Development Project (MGD Project) was at 70 percent.


The MGD Project, which is the first new offshore gas development project in the Romanian Black Sea to be built after 1989, consists of five offshore production wells – one subsea well at Doina field and four platform wells at Ana field – a subsea gas production system over the Doina well which will be connected through an 11-mile pipeline with a new unmanned production platform located over Ana field.


A gas pipeline will link the Ana platform to the shore and a new onshore gas treatment plant in Corbu commune, Constanta county, with a capacity of 35.3 billion cubic feet per year, representing ten percent of Romania’s consumption. The processed gas will be delivered into the NTS at the gas metering station to be found within the GTP.


“We have reached another step towards providing Romanian gas for Romania. This Black Sea project demonstrates the unique opportunity that Romania alone has in the EU to become self-sufficient in gas and thereby reduce its increasingly growing reliance on imported gas from foreign counties,” Mark Beacom, BSOG CEO, said.


“The MGD project also allows for the cost-effective and rapid development of already discovered third party gas in the Romanian Black Sea within the expected time frame for use as a transition fuel and provides valuable infrastructure for the transition to green energy production,” he added.


Source: Rigzone