Claim Management

Longdown|EIC offers a ground level and result-orientated team of professionals who can provide hands on approach in the effective structuring, management and submission of large insurance claims. We go beyond simple collation and submission of costs by providing expert cost analysis, repair scope validation, engineering interface, policy interpretation and advocacy to ensure a quick and fair settlement. We work with your management team to provide a focused resource to handle your claim. Our claims consultancy team has combined experience in handling large and complex claims throughout all regions of the world and we are able to be onsite at very short notice.

Claims Management Companies & Longdown|EIC

Claims Management Services

  • Claim Oversight and Management
  • Client Advocacy
  • Coverage Advice
  • Cost Tracking and Submission
  • Establishment of Claim Timelines and Milestones
  • Cash Flow and Interim Payment Coordination
  • Business Interruption Valuations
  • Management of Adjuster and Insurer Demands
  • Engineering Advice/Interface
  • Document Management
  • Litigation Support / Expert Witness
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution

The Longdown|EIC Difference

  • Maintain control throughout the claim process
  • Remain up to date on claim progress and outstanding issues
  • Provide clients with a better understanding of the overall process and claim settlement
  • Expert international advice for worldwide assets
  • Advice related to maximizing insurance returns through the proper interpretation of coverage and allocation of costs
  • Inclusion of claims management into financial forecasting and budgeting
  • Focused option compared to hiring legal or accounting assistance
  • Reducing miscommunication between insurers and insured
  • Ability to handle all portions of documentation management
  • Tailored approach to cost control and management
  • Focus on client advocacy