Elixir confirms additional large coal seam in Mongolian CSG drilling

Elixir Energy Ltd, Adelaide, has logged 91 m of net coal in its second Nomgon coal seam gas well in southern Mongolia, adding to the confirmed areal extent of its earlier discovery.


The Nomgon-2 reached 550 m TD and subsequent logging confirmed the find, with the main ‘100 series’ seam measured as having a net thickness of 51 m.


The well lies on the southern limb of the Nomgon syncline.


In an on-sit laboratory, Elixir is analysing the numerous cores taken for gas content.


Preliminary results are consistent with Nomgon-1 reported in February as Mongolia’s first coal seam gas discovery.


Other tests under way at Nomgon-2 include permeability using an injectivity fall off test process. Six successful tests have been run so far.


Elixir plans to continue the appraisal programme in the Nomgon sub-basin with the drilling of further step out wells, the first of which will evaluate the northern limb of the syncline.


A 2D seismic programme is being run over surrounding subbasins as a precursor to exploration further afield.


Source: Oil & Gas Journal