Introducing P&GJ’s Europe 500 Report of Top Pipelines

This first-ever list of pipelines serving Europe is intended to provide the industry with a listing of some of the longest transportation routes on the continent as of July 2021.


The report is broken down into two sections, gas and liquids (oil and products), and is as they say, “a work in progress,” which will be updated in each of our September issues going forward.


“We hope our readers find this useful and informative,” P&GJ Editor-in-Chief Mike Reed said. “Going forward, we’ll be expanding the categories and compiling additional data.”


Listings are compiled using Gulf Energy Information’s Energy Web Atlas™ (EWA), which delivers real-time market data, analysis and coverage of midstream infrastructure and downstream projects.


This being a new endeavour for P&GJ (unlike what will be our 41st North America 500 Report, published each November), there are no prior listings to use for the sake of comparison.


However, the top five gas pipelines in length are TANAP (1,128 miles [1,815 km]), Langeled (725 miles [1,167 km]), Dogubayzit-Ahiboz (670 miles [1,078 km]), Franpipe (520 miles [837 km]) and Zeepipe I (506 miles [814 km]).


The top five liquids pipelines in length are ESPO (3,013 miles [4,849 km]), NKK 1,332 miles [2,144 km]), Tyumazy-Omsk-Novosibirsk (1,200 miles [1,931 km]), South European Pipeline (1,148 miles [1,848 km]) and Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC) (1,100 miles [1,770 km]).


To see the full list, click here. 


Source: Pipeline & Gas Journal