Iran to start Khesht field production

Iranian Central Oil Fields Company, one of the major production companies of the National Iranian Oil Company, plans to start crude production at Khesht oil field on the 21st March.


Development of the field is nearly 90% complete, the company said on the 22nd February.


Early production will come from three wells and produced oil will be sent to Nargesi Production Centre via a ten inch pipeline stretching 17 km, according to National Iranian Oil Company, subsidiary South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company


Production is expected to yield about 20,000 b/d by March 2022.


The field is in the southern part of Zagros mountains in Konar Takhteh, between Kazeron and Borazjan, 190 km off Shiraz on the border of Bushehr province.


Field development is expected to increase production capacity of Sarvestan and Saadatabad oil fields to 30,000 b/d.


Source: Oil & Gas Journal