Fire Breaks Out At Exxon’s Refinery In Rotterdam

Exxon Mobil Corporation said on the 21st August that a fire broke out at its refinery in Rotterdam but that there were no injuries and most of the facility remained operational.


The fire erupted in the power-former unit of the complex and some flaring occurred to reduce pressure, Exxon said, adding it was cooperating with local emergency personnel.


The complex can process about 190,000 barrels per day and the rest of the refining units and a connected chemical plant were still online, Exxon said.


“We regret the incident and any inconvenience caused to the community,” Exxon spokeswoman Ellen Ehmen said.


Last year Exxon started a US$1 billion, three-year expansion of the Rotterdam refinery to boost production of lubricants and other chemicals. According to a proposal for the expansion filed with Dutch authorities, hydro-cracking capacity at the plant would increase by 40 percent to about 70,000 barrels per day.