Latest Wisting appraisal well proves oil in the Barents Sea

The semi-submersible Island Innovator has finished drilling appraisal well 7324/8-3 on the Wisting oil discovery in the Barents Sea.


According to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, the well was drilled in 396 metres (1,300 feet) of water in licence PL 537, two kilometres (1.2 miles) south of the discovery well 7324/8-1 and 315 kilometres (196 miles) north of Hammerfest.


Prior to drilling this latest well, OMV had estimated the Wisting area’s resources in the range of 22-80 MMcmoe.


The well encountered a 55-metre (180-foot) oil column in sandstones from the Mid-Jurassic to Late Triassic (Stø and Fruholmen formations). The former had better reservoir characteristics.


In addition, the rig conducted a successful water injection test in the Stø formation, confirming good injection properties.

The well, which will be permanently P&A’d, was the sixth on the licence.