Nigeria: Damen delivers new O&G security vessel to Homeland

Damen’s 3307 patrol vessel has been delivered to Homeland Integrated Offshore Services, increasing the company’s fleet of vessels protecting O&G offshore activities in Nigeria to three.


The vessel Guardian 3, along with its sister ships Guardian 1 and 2, now provides security and support services to the international offshore oil companies active off the coast of Nigeria in the Gulf of Guinea, in cooperation with the Nigerian Navy.


The Guardian series 3307 patrol vessels are unarmed, but in the course of their duties carry security personnel along with their firearms. Protection for those on board is provided by an armoured wheelhouse while accommodating up to 16 people. Damen said that a fourth vessel for the fleet was also under construction.


These vessels are versatile and can be configured for a wide range of roles. High-speed hull form delivers a top speed of around 30 knots making them exceptional interceptors, while a 70-square-metre open aft deck can assist with crew transfers and equipment deliveries to the offshore O&G industry.


Additional features on board the Guardian 3 are 15 extra seats for crew transfers, a thermal imaging apparatus, and a fast rescue craft, among others. Maintenance services and technical support will be provided by the Damen service hub in Port Harcourt.


Louis Ekere, managing director and CEO of Homeland, said: “We are excited to have received our third FCS 3307 Security vessel from Damen Shipyards, while awaiting the delivery of the fourth in the 4Q 2017 and the planned acquisition of a fifth vessel.


“The delivery of Guardian 3 has added tremendous value to our ability to provide turnkey security services to our clients and to meet their specific offshore and onshore deliverables. Namely, security protection of offshore oil and gas installations, passenger and crew transfers and emergency evacuation, cargo transfers and generally to provide security services to deter and intervene in piracy attacks which make the maritime waterways safer for the benefit of all legitimate stakeholders.”


Homeland was founded in 2006 to support international oil companies working in Nigeria’s offshore oil and gas fields by providing a wide range of services both at sea and on shore. The company operates a fleet which includes fast supply intervention vessels, platform support vessels, anchor handling tug supply ships, security and patrol vessels, and tugs.