Press Release from BDO and Longdown|EIC

“Our thoughts are with all those affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.  The past weeks were very traumatic but together we will all stand and rise up again; stronger and better Caribbean nations.


The devastating damage caused by the recent hurricanes will lead to significant demands being placed on insurance services in the region.  It is critical during such claims to have the proper team in place who can address the potential issues which will arise and to proactively handle your interests during the property damage and business interruption claim processes. It is critical that repair efforts and mitigation strategies are made with a proper understanding of how applicable policies will respond.


In order to provide its customers with the most comprehensive support, BDO Eastern Caribbean/Anguilla Office has teamed up with Longdown|EIC Risk Consulting (“LEIC”) to bring a selection of services to companies throughout the Caribbean which have been affected by the Hurricanes. Together BDO and LEIC can provide financial and insurance expertise to those who need help in understanding, developing, presenting and negotiating their insurance claims.


With offices in both the UK and Canada, LEIC is one of the world’s leading and most experienced international insurance, risk and claim management consultancies.


BDO Eastern Caribbean/Anguilla Office and Longdown|EIC offer a ground level and result-orientated team of professionals who can provide hands on approach in the effective structuring, management and submission of large insurance claims. LEIC goes beyond simple collation and submission of costs by providing expert cost analysis, repair scope validation, policy interpretation and advocacy to ensure a quick and fair settlement. We will work with your management team to provide a focused resource to handle your claim. Our team has combined over 100 years’ experience in handling large and complex claims throughout all regions of the world and we are able to be onsite at very short notice.


Together, our claims management services include:


  • Claim Oversight and Management
  • Client Advocacy & Coverage Advice
  • Business Interruption / Loss of Income Valuations
  • Cost Tracking and Submission
  • Establishment of Claim Timelines and Milestones
  • Cash Flow and Interim Payment Coordination
  • Management of Adjuster and Insurer Demands
  • Document Management


For questions and enquiry, please send an e-mail to Claudel Romney at or to Mike Roper at  You can also give us a call at +1(264) 497-5500 (BDO) or +1(403) 254–5222 / +1(403) 875-1624 (LEIC).


Thank you so much!”