Solar Simplified Completes First Solar Farm 12x Faster Than Industry Standard

Solar Simplified, a platform driving accessibility, transparency, and mainstream adoption of solar energy, has announced the expedited completion of their first exclusive solar energy farm 12 times faster than the industry standard.


Solar Simplified partnered with a solar developer and owner to complete the farm in September, helping to meet the needs of over 750 homes and small businesses in upstate New York.


The solar farm consists of approximately 20,000 solar panels across roughly 70 acres and produces 7MW, which is one of the top 0.05% largest solar farms available in New York today and among the top ten largest projects in NYSEG utility territory.


“As the world searches for new ways to power our homes and businesses, the future of solar is brighter than ever. We are excited to make available the innovation of renewable energy and community solar infrastructure to the people of upstate New York and see this as a significant early step in our mission to democratize renewable energy,” said Aviv Shalgi, CEO of Solar Simplified.


Solar Simplified is disrupting the world of alternative renewable energy by breaking the reliance of renewable energy developers on large energy-consuming corporations. By building a ground-breaking, innovative, and highly efficient platform, Solar Simplified enables developers to reach the masses without bearing the costs of building sales, marketing, and billing organisations.


By matching renters, homeowners, and small businesses who care about the environment and want to save money on their electricity bill with local solar farms through an easy and transparent signup process, Solar Simplified is making renewable energy accessible to all.


Source: Global Energy World