Iran, Iraq to Synchronise Power Grids within Months

Iran’s Deputy Energy Minister for Electricity and Energy Affairs Hushing Falahatian has stated that the power grids of Iran and Iraq will be interconnected in mid-November 2017.


“Iran is ready to take a serious part in reconstruction of the Iraqi electricity grid once terrorists have been eliminated from the area” he said.


He also emphasised Iran’s readiness to engage “seriously” in three sectors including reconstruction of Iraq’s production, distribution and transmission lines, and the participation of the Iranian private sector.


Mr Falahatian also said pointed out the need to synchronise the electricity grids of the two countries, saying that the plan is to connect the two countries’ power grids in mid-November this year, which could play an important role in increasing the amount of electricity exchanges.


In case of any request from the Iraqi government, the possibility exists to reconstruct the Iraqi distribution and transmission networks within two years.