Rosneft drills world’s longest well in Sakhalin

Rosneft, as a member of Sakhalin-1 Consortium, has successfully completed drilling of the world’s longest well from Orlan platform at Chaivo field in the Sea of Okhotsk.


The length of the well with horizontal completion is 15,000 metres, which currently is a world record. This is a super-complex well with DDI (Directional drilling index) of 8.0 and 14,129-metre step-out.


A number of world records have been set in extended reach drilling since the start of drilling at Sakhalin-1 project in 2003. Taking into account the new record long well the Sakhalin-1 Consortium drilled nine out of ten of the world’s longest wells.


Sakhalin-1 extended reach drilling is among the fastest in the world owing to the advanced and efficient technologies such as “Fast Drill”. This technology combines high quality modelling of physical parameters of drilling with a structured approach to well designing.


Extended reach drilling reduces costs of construction of additional offshore structures, pipelines and other field infrastructure facilities and it also mitigates environmental impact due to smaller drilling and production footprint.


Since 2013, the project has set five world records for measured depth of wells. In April 2015 development well О-14 with length of 13,500 metres, 13,000 metres long Z-40 well was drilled and completed in 2014, wells Z-43 and Z-42 were drilled in April and June 2013 with the length of 12,450 and 12,700 metres, respectively.